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Going Dormant

In every art, there’s a little ick. Trub is the gunk left at the bottom of the fermenter. It’s the gross but totally necessary byproduct of brewing. Hop farming, we’ve found, has its own trub. [caption id="attachment_2322" align="alignnone" width="297"] Putting in the poles, 2012[/caption] Harbor Hops was launched five years ago with a party. Friends…
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Update from the Farm

Maybe it will snow again. That's a possibility up here until at least June. But Between our spring snow storms Ryan managed to harvest and fill a lot of rhizome orders. Thank you so much for your purchases. There's still time to plant hops, for those of you who are considering. You can learn more…
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An Emergence

We're about to get industrious… as the 2017 rhizome season is just weeks away! You can place your order and read all about the Harbor Hops options today. Some good reads while you wait for winter to loosen its grip–  All about our hops Midwest Homebrewing's great tips for caring for your rhizomes Northern Brewer's…
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Dormant… for now.

Beneath all that Two Harbors snow and ice are rhizomes, burrowing deep beneath the surface. Soon, probably in April, the ground will be soft enough for us to start cutting the rhizomes and sending them to hop growers around the country. We'll let you know when their ready. In the meantime, cheers to the cusp…
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