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Here Fishy, Fishy II

It turns out hops love the  fish hydrolysate - so much that they're turning a deeper shade of green practically before our eyes.

Ryan let the fish fertilizer ferment and then put on his mix master hat, combining molasses, fish from our friends at Lake Superior Fish Company, water, and lactobacillus.

Making fish fertilizer at Harbor Hops

Mixing the concoction

Harbor Hops grows organic liquid smelt

Truth in advertising

He applied the mixture to the hops on Wednesday and swore that they blushed with appreciation, turning a deeper shade of green by Friday.

Fertilizing the hops at Harbor Hops

Organic fertilizer. Num! Num! Num!

The hops weren't the only ones loving the fish hydrolysate- our dog thought he smelled awesome after rolling in the mixture. He didn't.

Bob Dylan, looking for good things to roll in

Bob Dylan, rolling with it




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